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Activating an account is simple, and we provide the training and resources to help you every step of the way. Your account is the full working version of our practice management platform complete with scheduling, electronic billing, and over 100 billing and practice management reports.

Practice Features

Improve Collections

Reduce denials, no-shows, and maximize revenue.

Optimize Billing

Manage multiple contract rates and fee schedules and office locations.

Engage Patients

Empower self-registration and improve scheduling with reminders.

Get Instant Insights

At-a-glance revenue dashboards and AR management.

Telehealth Features

Patient Oriented

Patient designed for easy, remote care on any device available to the patient.

Visit Notes

Integrated documentation including photos. All chat, call notes, and screen snaps copy over to clinical encounter


Templates already created for most common use cases, or created for you as required.

Include Staff / Caregivers

Multi-window conferencing makes it easy to include additional staff or caregivers

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I am thoroughly satisfied with this product. PracticeSuite has allowed me to bill my patients more efficiently and in turn made more money for my practice. My favorite feature by far is the outstanding support team. They are always there when you need them and they have assisted me with every problem I have encountered.
Salazar Family Medicine

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